Weekly Photo Mojo: Fireflies light up the hillside in Umbria, Italy.

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Up in the hills above the 15th century town of Paciano Italy and overlooking the countryside of Umbria sits the villa of Campodalto. At the beginning of my 10-day blogger tour through Italy, this sight was one of the more unexpectedly memorable ones — and it happened on day one after arriving late night to Campodalto where we would stay during our time in Umbria. I just remember wandering outside and into the back lawn that was pitch black. The distant town lights glowed, but the sea of fireflies overpowered even that. There were thousands around us flaring up and fading black, like the visual representation of the heartbeat of the hillside around us, and with the cloudy sky above, it was as if the stars had descended so we could still see them.


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  1. Ryan, I don’t see these anymore and it is sad – too far north (top of the world, and all that) for fireflies but they’ve always been an welcomed sight to me in the lower 48. They’re like the sunset’s after-party.

    1. That is very sad Maria! But I’m happy I could send some fireflies your way digitally. And that’s so true…sunset after party is a perfect description!

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