Molten gold poured over the darkness, setting the sky afire. Past the silhouettes of scrawny trees, flames of the hottest white and blue fanned outward, conquering all blackness with a bright dawn.

This was the sight just beyond the tips of my toes cocooned within the sleeping bag. A did not move a muscle as the light of the morning danced across my eyes, a sunrise money couldn’t pay for.

I was in my beloved hammock, slung up in a random wood in the wilds of New Zealand’s north. There was no place to stay before reaching Cape Reinga, but no need, because this freedom was truly free.

The photo of this sunrise in New Zealand above is a teaser of a photo essay to come, involving that hammock and the numerous adventures I had in it all over New Zealand, so stay tuned!

Weekly Photo Mojo is about stimulating your cortex with retina rupturing and awe-inspiring photos from around the world to help you reach Terminal Vicariosity (The point where the mind reaches maximum capacity from living vicariously through someone else, and chooses to start actually living.)

What feeling does this photo evoke for you?



    1. JustChuckinIt - Site Author October 14, 2013 at 4:36 am

      Should have it up this week!!!


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