Creative blogging and social media is considered one of the most prolific and effective ways to build a relationship with customers, creating an opportunity for genuine and tangible interaction with your company, services, or establishment.

Let’s be real…dull advertising is for chumps these days.

Email promotions and online advertisements are extremely linear and lifeless, lacking the ability to create a deeper and more meaningful connection with people.

Bloggers — We tell REAL stories and describe REAL experiences.Stories have a life of their own; a soul which people can live vicariously through and become inspired by. And advertising on a blog can build the tangible relationship that you need.

Travel bloggers build relationships with their readers, and time and time again we reference old experiences with new ones; travel journalism typically ends after it has run it’s course, including the exposure for YOU!

Why this blog?

I believe in giving people honest and entertaining articles chock full of the best information about travel companies I love, the experiences that can be had through them, and why to choose them over everyone else.

Through retina rupturing photos, captivating and hilarious travel tales, entertaining videos, and an ever-growing social media presence, Lost Boy Memoirs is a fresh voice of travel in the blogosphere ready to take over.

In the past I have done everything from going down the highest raft-able waterfall in the world, swung through a canyon 200ft in the air, and bungy jumped off a bridge whilst dunking my whole body in the water — all in one day in the name of PR.

For the imaginative types, I traveled 3 weeks with a fake camel and invented a personality in which I wrote as if I were the animal;  everything from kayaking to spelunking, partying to relaxing was written through Clarence the Camel’s eyes for Nomads Hostels. Now THAT garnered quite some attention!

Photo Jan 27, 4 10 11 AM

All of these companies have grown to trust the blogs I write for to share epic stories as nobody has done before, and give travel companies the voice they never had.

Bottom line is: I will do just about anything for an awesome adventure, a good story, and to promote an excellent company. Lost Boy Memoirs offers a very unique blog; one that is entirely hand drawn or designed from the crazy parts of my mind, one that oozes with quirky and fun personality, and is packed with helpful tips for new and experienced travelers.

Lost Boy Memoirs utilizes Facebook to build a community based around travel and the brand, encouraging fans to share their thoughts and opinions on topics through a range of media from photos, to updates, to videos, and updates about the adventures.

Posting Guidelines: Once daily at least, content is posted on Facebook from new articles, travel photos, or when working with companies posts about them.

For Promotions: For companies or brands working with Lost Boy Memoirs, Facebook can be used to announce working together, events centered around the brand, photos and videos while using the products/services, and contests.

Twitter Fans
Lost Boy Memoirs uses Twitter for instantaneous sharing of content through many sources including Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and others given the nature of Twitter for being a constant stream of headlines. This helps to maximize exposure through other social media platforms besides just sending tweets. Through Twitter, Lost Boy Memoirs connects with readers through travel based chats and followers, and constantly gives travel news and updates when traveling so followers can stay updated.

Posting Guidelines: Multiple times per day, articles from the blog are auto-tweeted, and content is pushed from other platforms. Also, multiple times per day Lost Boy Memoirs tweets or takes part in travel related chats.

For Promotions: For companies or brands working with Lost Boy Memoirs, Twitter is used to share tweets and updates live while using the products/services, articles and news written on Lost Boy Memoirs about it, using the brand hashtags in tweets while traveling, and creating travel chats based around the brand custom hashtag.

Instagram Fans
Lost Boy Memoirs uses Instagram to share beautiful photography from multiple tools such as iPhone, GoPro, and DSLR. Also, the hashtag #TheLostLife was created so Instagram followers can share their own travel experiences and a photo is picked daily to use through Lost Boy Memoirs Instagram creating an engaged following and strengthening the brand.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.12.26 AM

Posting Guidelines: Photos are usually posted same day when traveling, or within a few days of taking the photos. Regularly, 3 photos are posted daily with one being the daily pick for #TheLostLife.

For Promotions: For companies or brands working with Lost Boy Memoirs, Instagram can be used to visually show off products/services and to encourage followers to use brand custom hashtags to share their own photos. When photos are posted while using products or services, hashtags and Instagram name will be tagged in the photos.

Vine Fans
Lost Boy Memoirs uses Vine to share viral videos and quick video updates while traveling that encourages fans to follow along with the adventure through video. In the past, Vine has been used to give updates when traveling to places like Haiti, and helped land #Haiti on the front page with videos being picked by Vine staff themselves, sending videos viral.

Posting Guidelines: While traveling, Vine videos are posted live whenever possible, and if not then Vine videos are posted over the course of a few days using recorded videos. Vine videos are also posted for recap purposes at the end of a day.

For Promotions: For companies or brands working with Lost Boy Memoirs, Vine is a great way to cross promote with videos and through Twitter who is their parent company. With Vine, creative 6 second videos can go viral and help people see first hand the brand products/services in exciting new ways. 

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  1. Geordie Palmer

    I emailing you as someone whose opinion I value!

    I’m in my final year of University (in UK) and have set up a backpacking app. The app is called BackTracker and will be launched in the few weeks. We are aiming to create the ultimate travelling companion, which includes a blogging feature plotted on an interactive map and an in built social media. We want to create a travelling community within the app where users can share tips and advice.

    We decided to build BackTracker on the back of our own travelling experiences and time spent living abroad. However at 23 and without much ‘business’ experience, in many respects we’re swimming in deep water! So I’m emailing you to ask advice. If at all possible I was wondering whether you could take a look at our app and let us know what you think? It would be ideal to get feedback from someone similar minded but with vast amounts more knowledge than us!

    I really hope I’m not stepping over the mark here, but I thought I’d at least ask. Any advice on the app / idea itself would be so appreciated!

    Please let me know what you think either way. If you are willing, I can get you on the prototype to have play around.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best wishes,


  2. Alexandra A.

    Dear Ryan,
    I absolutely love your website! The content and the design especially: I have rarely seen such a beautiful website, really – thumbs up! Let us know when you pass by in Montenegro,

  3. Marina

    Ryan congratulations for your blog. It kept me awake for two hours and tomorrow I have an interview!!! Warm regards from Spain,


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